Newport Folk turns 60

a small collection of photos and articles about The Newport Folk Festival, original inspiration for this blog, which celebrated its 60th anniversary on july 26-28.

sign outside the Museum Stage
Pell Bridge seen from the Fort Stage

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review/article from The Arts Fuse

“This [festival community] surrounds hate and forces it to surrender.”Jay Sweet, memorializing Pete Seeger

new song from Wilco

“Love conquers all, but not when it’s used as a sedative, right? I worry that I’m often comfortable and placated by my ability to recognize and feel the love that already exists around me. What I see in myself and others is a struggle to summon sufficient outrage to act and then retreat into the delusion that the love that exists will eventually triumph. But it won’t! For love to triumph I believe we’re duty bound to create more of it, and for more people – people we don’t know, even people we don’t like! And that takes courage I don’t always have. The song is a reminder to myself to act with more love and courage and less outrage and anesthetized fear.” –Jeff Tweedy

quoted from NPR’s All Songs Considered podcast