group singing

As the popularity of group singing grows, science has been hard at work trying to explain why it has such a calming yet energizing effect on people. What researchers are beginning to discover is that singing is like an infusion of the perfect tranquilizer, the kind that both soothes your nerves and elevates your spirits.”

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interview with Bill Frisell

“The music is a …  model of what human beings can be.  When you think of all the words you use to describe music, you say harmony or tension and release and consonance and dissonance, harmony, rhythm.  It’s a way of fitting things together.  It shows you how people can be together….”Bill Frisell, Nevada Capital News 1/12/19

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quote from Jeff Tweedy

“Speaking of bubbles…sure, we live in a bubble. I’d love for more of you to share our bubble though! It’s awesome! In our bubble I know cops and rappers and grocery store cashiers and artists and garbage collectors…so many decent people that don’t really care that much about people being different than they are. If you can trust a reality TV star billionaire when he says, “believe me,” surely you can believe me when I say you’re welcome in my bubble. I grew up in what I think might be something like your bubble. You should at least try this one! Come on in!” —Wilco Facebook page, 1/2017