Newport Folk Festival 2020

As described in our “About”page, this blog was born out of the experience that is the Newport Folk Festival. The idea was to spread the festival’s pervasive sense of joy, good will, and community as widely as possible, throughout the year. Of course, this year the “folk family” stayed home. Nevertheless, via social media, the tremendous efforts of the Festival Foundation, Jay Sweet, and numerous other organizers and musicians, we all managed to be together even while apart. Thank you Jay Sweet, Caps, and everyone else for making the weekend happen.  

quarantined Italians sing from their balconies

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“Love conquers all, but not when it’s used as a sedative, right? I worry that I’m often comfortable and placated by my ability to recognize and feel the love that already exists around me. What I see in myself and others is a struggle to summon sufficient outrage to act and then retreat into the delusion that the love that exists will eventually triumph. But it won’t! For love to triumph I believe we’re duty bound to create more of it, and for more people – people we don’t know, even people we don’t like! And that takes courage I don’t always have. The song is a reminder to myself to act with more love and courage and less outrage and anesthetized fear.” –Jeff Tweedy

quoted from NPR’s All Songs Considered podcast

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Just coming home from the most incredible night out under a London sky after dancing in Marble Arch to the brilliant Massive Attack sound system. Everyone there together in love and for the good of our planet. Like some post apocalyptic utopia it felt better than I could have imagined. Greta Thunberg spoke as a huge orange sun went down behind her. Her voice and her message clear as a bell. I am in absolute awe at what the people organising and supporting Extinction Rebellion are doing. It’s incredible to witness up close. My family were tired and left early but I had to stay and stood talking and dancing with complete strangers and I have never felt so safe in the middle of London in a massive crowd at night. My faith in human nature restored as I heard again and again that we can only do this together. I feel deeply inspired by all the messages I heard. The wealth of kindness and tolerance I witnessed between people made me cry. Mostly though, I was smiling the biggest smile to be with so many people that care. Tomorrow night I’m going to sing some songs with my better half Sam Amidon and hope that I can give back just a little back to the people who are giving their time and energy in putting together this vital expression of peaceful rebellion in the hopes of awakening in all of us the need for change. Thank you for the incredible movement you are creating. #extinctionrebellion #grerathunberg #massiveattack #wearehereforallofus #climate change #thisisradioclash

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