David Handelman on coping with the COVID lockdown

How have you been coping with COVID? If not the illness itself, then the whittled-down existence it has demanded? 
I have a suggestion.” 
–David Handelman

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quote from Jeff Tweedy

“I feel like I have opinions, but like anybody else, I’m a citizen. As a citizen, I feel like I’m doing my best to be a good one. I stay aware, and I contribute. My job is to be inspired, to keep making things and hope that somebody will stumble across them and become inspired to make something themselves. It’s more of promoting this idea that aligning yourself with creativity rather than disruption is a good idea.”Jeff Tweedy, August 2019

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quote from Jeff Tweedy

“Speaking of bubbles…sure, we live in a bubble. I’d love for more of you to share our bubble though! It’s awesome! In our bubble I know cops and rappers and grocery store cashiers and artists and garbage collectors…so many decent people that don’t really care that much about people being different than they are. If you can trust a reality TV star billionaire when he says, “believe me,” surely you can believe me when I say you’re welcome in my bubble. I grew up in what I think might be something like your bubble. You should at least try this one! Come on in!” —Wilco Facebook page, 1/2017

quote from Jeff Tweedy

Every time I think everything in the world completely sucks, we get to go out and play in front of audiences and share something with people that I know is real, and it still exists, and it will always exist, and there will always be more of this [gestures to crowd] than whatever the fuck that is [gestures to the outside world]. Keep inspiring each other, ok? I know you’re already doing that, but just keep doing it. It’ll be ok. Show up for everybody. Show up for your neighbors. Show up. Just show up. Always show up. If you do that, everything’s gonna be fine.”Jeff Tweedy, Newport Folk Festival 2017