art against coronavirus in Philadelphia

“What you’re seeing is empty businesses, empty schools, empty playgrounds. What is the emotional toll that takes? How can we replace some of that emptiness with images of hope, resilience, anger, and also dreams of a future that is hopefully not far off?” –Mark Strandquist, Mural Arts Philadelphia

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quarantined Italians sing from their balconies

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quote from Steve Earle

“When I write something simple I’m always really proud of it. When you write something that simple with that much air in it and the whole premise behind it is something pretty obvious – that everybody wants to be happy and free – the song is sort of an exercise in not forgetting that’s what you really want and what you really need. We can get caught up in a lot of other stuff.”Steve Earle, 2016

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Vincent D’Onofrio interview

“There’s something very simple that we overlook. And we have to consciously remember that it exists, and it’s this: There’s always, somewhere in the room, somewhere, a tiny, tiny little thread of goodness. Always. And you have to seek it out. You have to find that tiny little thread. And you have to touch it, and pull on it. And you have to actively, consciously make that choice. And that’s…if you forget about that, then you’re lost.”Vincent D’Onofrio, August 2017

open letter from Jay Sweet

As stated on our about page, the idea for this blog was born out of the experience of attending the Newport Folk Festival each year. This letter from the Executive Producer captures some of the reason why.

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. Be Present Be Kind Be Open Be Together

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